Jesus, the Name Above Every Name

Why are you downcast, 
Oh, my soul?
Put your hope in God.
For I will yet praise Him.
Praise Him in the morning.
Praise Him in the evening.
Self-pity would have me think I’ve been cheated.
Self-pity would say 
you will have to take,
Because it was taken from you.
But I remember the One,
He is sovereign.
There is no other like Him.
How long, Lord, will I wait 
to see the reward 
of the wicked?
God is slow to anger.
He is not willing that anyone would perish.
Forgiveness leaps forth with repentance.
But no remorse is given.
He asks me to forgive 
the wicked.
He says I forgave you.
In this, you are like 
your Father God.
They are like their 
father, the devil.
But you are not of the devil.
You are of me.
They have no hope in their 
father, the devil.
You have a living hope in me.
Did I not restore thee?
And I will do it again.
Am I slack or wasted in resources?
Am I the creator of all?
I own all.
By my word, 
It will be done as I please.
Come to me all who are heavy laden. 
I will give you rest.
My yoke is easy.
My burden is light.
I am God in thee.
I am God who sympathizes with thee.
No angel or demon can 
understand a human.
Even them, I made.
The angels that rebelled are demons.
They cannot sympathize 
with you.
Doesn’t the Creator know His creation?
Yet even in this I came 
and I lived as a human.
Taking human form.
I felt pain, 
I felt emotions.
I felt the weight of the 
world’s sin, shame and guilt.
I am the only God who 
understands and sympathizes 
with you.
I give you my yoke. 
It is easy,
It is light.
Take me my beloved.
Eat the bread of life.
Eat and be filled,
Drink and be merry.
Not of the natural,
But of my Word and my Spirit. 
It is food for your soul.
Be filled.
It’s the best diet,
It gives you all the nutrients you need.
You shall not lack, 
For you are in me.
Receive me,
Believe me.
I died for thee.
To redeem thee,
And free thee.
Only I have the authority 
to do this.
No other has authority, 
For they all were created 
by me.
But they will try to deceive thee.
'Worship me' they say.
I will relieve thee.
But all they do is consume 
the soul,
Until it is weak and dying.
They will eat you whole.
Their hunger and thirst 
becomes all-consuming.
They will do anything, 
they will try and control 
your being.
You will feel out of control.
Drugged and mugged.
But call to me,
My name is powerful.
My name sends them shrieking. 
Call on me.
Jesus save me,
Jesus I believe,
Jesus forgive me,
Jesus set me free!

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